Loogle – The search for Logos

After tampering with my Desktop – resulting in bluescreen and sometimes with a No showup screen ( processor running but no I/O ) … I got fedup and resloved one thing :- ‘Use ur time constructively” . I thought for a while and randomly got this idea of listing different logos and their significance.  Don’t know what it really means but I am doing it !  And here is the first one. 


Motto of Stanford: “The wind of freedom blows” .

In 1876, former California Governor Leland Stanford purchased 650 acres of land near San Francisquito  for a country home and a stock farm and later expanded it to 8000 acres by buying adjoining assets. There is a giant California redwood tree on the bank of San Francisquito called El Palo Alto ( in Spanish) and so they named this little town of them ‘Palo Alto’ .  Their one and only son Leland Stanford Jr. died of typhoid fever when they are travelling in Italy. Then the couple told one another “The children of California shall be our children” and they want to do something ever lasting in remembrance of their son. Unlike stories in some mails around the internet, the couple contacted some scholars and decided to start an University in California.  They made some untraditional choices in starting the university: Co-educational univ – in a time when almost all students are all-male , non-denominational – when most students were associated with a religious organization.The prediction of NewYork newspaper is that, lecturers of Stanford will teach to empty benches. 

Today, Stan has around 16500 enrolled students , 18 Nobel prize laureates besides the founders of HP, Sun Microsystems, NVIDIA, Yahoo, Cisco, Silicon Graphics, Nike, Gap , eBay,  Google etc.  

The ‘S’ in logo is the remembrance of their beloved son Stanford Leland Jr. and the tall tree in the middle stands for the tree ‘El Palo Alto’ , beside which their kingdom truimphed. 

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    That was pretty interesting. Good job. Very good piece of information.


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