A first step towards progress


Any great thing begins with a first step. So many economists believed 1992 reforms to be the first step towards a developed India. However, in my opinion and many other’s, India corp. is progressing in the race leaving behind the politics and rural economies. But, politicians are racing ahead demanding the same share from corps but getting more revenues. Also, they are busy planning their own salaries and perks. For those who are not overjoyed by the GDP growth rates, there is a strong reason. The more pervasive corruption has its footprint everywhere in the country. There are some places where there is no electricity or water, but no such place with out corruption.

Many parties came up with agenda of clean politics in the country – LokSatta is one of my favorites among them. Eventhough they are able to convince the young and intellect based on their agenda of  clean, fair and secular politics, they are not able to show the same appeal to masses(Most of them dont really understand what that secularism means).  State of affiars looks like we have to wait for 10 or more years with the hope that literacy may improve enabling these masses to understand the fairness principles so that these clean parties can achieve some governance.

However, a ray of hope, much ahead of its schedule beamed from Bihar – Thanks to an Engineer. The state was plundered on caste and devisive polits for the past 15 years. People voted for a change in 2005. Nitish Kumar government showed them what development means. The roads which were full of rowdies and gangs are now busy with school going kids and salaried employes.  Nitish managed to get many industries and showed a promising future for the people.  He did whatever it takes to turn around the state in his tenure. All this with out any caste bank votes – he is purely secular in his words.

The elections in Bihar Nov 2010,in my opinion, were much awaited for those who want to see the fight between development vs caste/divisons. Lalu and Rabri tried several gimmicks before elections to lure the voters in foolish ways. They played caste cards and incentive based votes.  The answer from people is clear, we want development, not a leader from our caste! As of the writing, Rabri is triailing in both her constuiencies.  Several such dynamics are happening in Gujarat and Orissa. These changes really make me merry. The thought of Nitish winning Bihar assures me that our country has a future worth trying for.

I believe Victory of Bihar is a victory for India as well and a first step towards much needed political reforms.


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