A brave heart – A feeble body


Long back, There is this redbus which was racing thorugh the people on the shabby and dirty roads of this village. There are some 25 people in the bus. It soon halted at a bus stop where a bunch of old men except for one yound man in his 30s entered the bus. The bus conductor is a young woman who must have recently joined the job. She shouted ‘right right’ after checking that no one is running along the road to catch the bus.  The excitement of newjob can be clearly seen in her eyes and voice. Everyone got settled after a while including the conductor who is tallying the change by holding 100s notes in her hand. Soon her nose caught a smell of cigarette smoke.  After looking around, she found that this young man is smoking and reached him to warn. She was asking him to stop smoking while that guy is not even giving her attention. After a while it erupted into small fight with this guy shouting that he wont stop and the conductor insisting that its not allowed to smoke in the bus. They started exchanging words and everyone in the bus is looking at them . The bus driver – in his 50s looks like an experienced guy who usually doesn’t care about all these fights in the bus. After a while, conductor knocked against the bus roof asking the driver to stop the bus. He didn’t. one..two..three.. after she shouted for 3 times, the hero finally granted her wish. He pulled over to a side.

‘I will start the bus only if you stop smoking’ the conductor declared.

‘No, I won’t. Why should I stop smoking for you? ‘ this redhead shouted back.. it continued with some heated exchanges for a minute. Meanwhile, the driver silently started the bus and is driving. After a minute the lady conductor again knocked to stop. This time she knocked for atleast 5 times. Finally our hero granted her wish once more.

Everyone in the bus was silent – just watching the show.

‘I will start the bus only if you get out’ the conductor shouted with the power a woman can ever get in  her voice. This guy couldn’t bear the insult of being warned by a lady. He just held her neck shouting some bad words which a woman shouldn’t be called with and then released her. I was sitting in one of the last seats. I can clearly see the fear in her eyes which are covered with a layer of glittering moisture. She said with a subsided voice – ‘why is every one in the bus not saying anything? Why are you not stopping him? Isn’t it your duty to stop injustice? When some animal is attacking me why are you just staring? Are there no men here? not even humans? I will never take the buses on this route.’ She just went and sat back in her seat. I observed that she was crying there for sometime clearing all the tears with her fingers which are also holding currency notes of smiling Mahatma.

I was sitting in the same bus. I was in my 9th standard then. My blood boiled while all this was going. I was looking for some big/elder people to come and stop this, to standup and control the wild animal that got into the bus. But no one came. No one stood up. I felt bad then for not helping this lady who is fighting with that guy for our sake.

Probably everyone else was also thinking like me. “I can’t stop this guy – a bigger person, a more powerful person should come and stop this”. What we all in the bus missed that day was, we need a leader who takes the first step and shows in action what we all in the bus are thinking in our hearts. Others might have soon joined him. At the worst, we would have been a bunch of ants bringing down that snake. The ‘leader’ here need not be a grand person with all the charm and power. Just A person willing to follow  his heart and take the step irrespective of others is leader here. Now, I really feel ashamed for not supporting a brave heart that lacks physical power to support the courage that day. I never saw her on the bus to our village after that.

**Its a real incident.. not a creation

Anish Muppalaneni


4 Responses to “A brave heart – A feeble body”

  1. 1 chandu

    prashantanga kanapade nee jeevitham venuka intha vishaadam alumukuni undaa……..naa gunde mixer lo veesi crush cheesinattu ayyindi…..

    one question for u…..’if the same incident happens again………. and you are definitely not 9 now …….what would be your response….. !!??”

  2. 2 muni

    Good one dude..
    next time ala chusthu vundavu anamata..
    ippudu kandalu kuda penchaavu kadhaa:P

    inka pothe funny part redbus aa hahaha

  3. 3 pradeep

    mm bavundhi babu garu .. !!

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