Father of Indian Corruption


I always know one fact for sure. The way their seniors are, same will be juniors. Few months back, our friends are talking about the current scenario in India and how they are afraid of moving back to the country. As usual, the topic boiled down the only thing that infected India causing severe damage – corruption. I questioned – Who TF is my senior Indian who started this practice? I googled now and then with several combinations like ‘corruptin start in India’ –  but no use. Today, I opened wiki to know the export to import ratio of India and found nothing about it. But found the answer to my other search -‘ Licence raj ‘ system in India. Under this system, any business has to undergo through 80 agencies to obtain licences from and its in the control of the state to either grant or deny the request. Coruption flourished out of this system. All the ppl in all the 80 depts have to be paid to get a licence. The government started with saying that, they want planned economy. what ever, the ppl in all the levels of govt got rich after this system and finally in 1991, under pressure from IMF threatining they wont give foreign aid to India, these political bastards fearing that they won’t get anything more from the ppl in bribes, relaxed the rules to a good extent and got the aid. 

By the way you know who the  ‘Father of Corruption’ that started this licence raj and ruled the early India with similar policies fostering all such practices as first prime minister of India from 1947- 1964 ? – Chacha .


Nehru and his daughter Indira Gandhi tour Disneyland, 1961

Nehru and his daughter Indira Gandhi tour Disneyland, 1961







Anish Muppalaneni


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