Any great thing begins with a first step. So many economists believed 1992 reforms to be the first step towards a developed India. However, in my opinion and many other’s, India corp. is progressing in the race leaving behind the politics and rural economies. But, politicians are racing ahead demanding the same share from corps but getting more revenues. Also, they are busy planning their own salaries and perks. For those who are not overjoyed by the GDP growth rates, there is a strong reason. The more pervasive corruption has its footprint everywhere in the country. There are some places where there is no electricity or water, but no such place with out corruption.

Many parties came up with agenda of clean politics in the country – LokSatta is one of my favorites among them. Eventhough they are able to convince the young and intellect based on their agenda of  clean, fair and secular politics, they are not able to show the same appeal to masses(Most of them dont really understand what that secularism means).  State of affiars looks like we have to wait for 10 or more years with the hope that literacy may improve enabling these masses to understand the fairness principles so that these clean parties can achieve some governance.

However, a ray of hope, much ahead of its schedule beamed from Bihar – Thanks to an Engineer. The state was plundered on caste and devisive polits for the past 15 years. People voted for a change in 2005. Nitish Kumar government showed them what development means. The roads which were full of rowdies and gangs are now busy with school going kids and salaried employes.  Nitish managed to get many industries and showed a promising future for the people.  He did whatever it takes to turn around the state in his tenure. All this with out any caste bank votes – he is purely secular in his words.

The elections in Bihar Nov 2010,in my opinion, were much awaited for those who want to see the fight between development vs caste/divisons. Lalu and Rabri tried several gimmicks before elections to lure the voters in foolish ways. They played caste cards and incentive based votes.  The answer from people is clear, we want development, not a leader from our caste! As of the writing, Rabri is triailing in both her constuiencies.  Several such dynamics are happening in Gujarat and Orissa. These changes really make me merry. The thought of Nitish winning Bihar assures me that our country has a future worth trying for.

I believe Victory of Bihar is a victory for India as well and a first step towards much needed political reforms.


ee manasu


edho aasa, repatiki sadiddhamani

edhi velithi, ninnatiki theerchaledhani

edho cheyyalani, eeroju mallee radhani

idhi kadha jeevithamante.. emee lekapoina edho unnatlu kanipinche bhrama anthe




Long back, There is this redbus which was racing thorugh the people on the shabby and dirty roads of this village. There are some 25 people in the bus. It soon halted at a bus stop where a bunch of old men except for one yound man in his 30s entered the bus. The bus conductor is a young woman who must have recently joined the job. She shouted ‘right right’ after checking that no one is running along the road to catch the bus.  The excitement of newjob can be clearly seen in her eyes and voice. Everyone got settled after a while including the conductor who is tallying the change by holding 100s notes in her hand. Soon her nose caught a smell of cigarette smoke.  After looking around, she found that this young man is smoking and reached him to warn. She was asking him to stop smoking while that guy is not even giving her attention. After a while it erupted into small fight with this guy shouting that he wont stop and the conductor insisting that its not allowed to smoke in the bus. They started exchanging words and everyone in the bus is looking at them . The bus driver – in his 50s looks like an experienced guy who usually doesn’t care about all these fights in the bus. After a while, conductor knocked against the bus roof asking the driver to stop the bus. He didn’t. one..two..three.. after she shouted for 3 times, the hero finally granted her wish. He pulled over to a side.

‘I will start the bus only if you stop smoking’ the conductor declared.

‘No, I won’t. Why should I stop smoking for you? ‘ this redhead shouted back.. it continued with some heated exchanges for a minute. Meanwhile, the driver silently started the bus and is driving. After a minute the lady conductor again knocked to stop. This time she knocked for atleast 5 times. Finally our hero granted her wish once more.

Everyone in the bus was silent – just watching the show.

‘I will start the bus only if you get out’ the conductor shouted with the power a woman can ever get in  her voice. This guy couldn’t bear the insult of being warned by a lady. He just held her neck shouting some bad words which a woman shouldn’t be called with and then released her. I was sitting in one of the last seats. I can clearly see the fear in her eyes which are covered with a layer of glittering moisture. She said with a subsided voice – ‘why is every one in the bus not saying anything? Why are you not stopping him? Isn’t it your duty to stop injustice? When some animal is attacking me why are you just staring? Are there no men here? not even humans? I will never take the buses on this route.’ She just went and sat back in her seat. I observed that she was crying there for sometime clearing all the tears with her fingers which are also holding currency notes of smiling Mahatma.

I was sitting in the same bus. I was in my 9th standard then. My blood boiled while all this was going. I was looking for some big/elder people to come and stop this, to standup and control the wild animal that got into the bus. But no one came. No one stood up. I felt bad then for not helping this lady who is fighting with that guy for our sake.

Probably everyone else was also thinking like me. “I can’t stop this guy – a bigger person, a more powerful person should come and stop this”. What we all in the bus missed that day was, we need a leader who takes the first step and shows in action what we all in the bus are thinking in our hearts. Others might have soon joined him. At the worst, we would have been a bunch of ants bringing down that snake. The ‘leader’ here need not be a grand person with all the charm and power. Just A person willing to follow  his heart and take the step irrespective of others is leader here. Now, I really feel ashamed for not supporting a brave heart that lacks physical power to support the courage that day. I never saw her on the bus to our village after that.

**Its a real incident.. not a creation

Anish Muppalaneni

Language 1337


I know one more language which most of you donno . Alright, the lang. which most of you know but doesn’t know that its 1337 Language.  Lemme tell what it is.  Some ppl write letters with a mix of numbers and characters and sometimes letters. That language is 1337. Ok, its really a script though.

Here is an example if you are interested:

1337: ()/\/\9 7^l+l+ 15 73)-( 1337 #l\:-:<>l2 1 +()l_l> _/<>* ^l3°l_l+ /\/\3}-{ #1213l/ll>!!!1!!11!1!! )+(3 |D\l\/l/l2.

Translation:Oh my god that is the leet hacker I told you about my friend! He owns.

Yeah, dats true. There are idiots who write like that which no one can understand until translated – whom we call noobs.

It has been roughly an year now since the idea of Balmer to take over Yahoo  impacted the future of several executives associated with both Yahoo and Microsoft. Even though the deal ended with absolute zero progress, and Redmond saying they are no more interested, there are still rumours around that new Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz will look into the deal again. AlthoughYahoo stock gained 2.6% on that day ,  Carol didn’t reveal her plans about the future of troubled internet firm and her options in hand seem too few with less time to act .

However, in redmond, a recent interview of Balmer with AP (Associated Press) revealed that with the new CEO , Balmer is back to reconsider the deal only if old CEO Yang keeps quiet.  This hints the begining of another dancing round for both Yahoo and MS with Google enjoying the show.  The only benefitor from MS – Yahoo deal is neither MS nor Yahoo but its the strong rival both are trying to bend, google.  While MS focused on getting Yahoo and Yahoo focused on avoiding MS, both are left behind in the game, keeping the All-time-winner, google which wants to grab even that single digit share of search market from Yahoo and Live. 

If big-headed Balmer can keep calm and think over again what has happened , he will soon realize that Yahoo is no more the Yahoo that he intend to buy. It has lost many key executives  and most of market share where MS is looking at, Search Engine.  If MS wants to buy all of Yahoo instead of its search division, it would become the biggest blunder MS has ever made. Yahoo is weak in all of its areas except Auto sales and Finance. As of Dec 2008, Yahoo has 10% of search market share decreasing steadily with a speed of 20%/year  and MSN, live combined has 4.6% of share decreasing at 25%. So, even if Balmer manages to buy Yaho now, his market share may be 15% which is decreasing at 22%/year ending at at 4.6% in 5 years which is the share if MS in the market now. Also, MS used its innnovation in marketing instead of improving search results by offering Cash back etc., which nobody remembered anymore. 

The key thing in any business is not just buying the leader, but trying to beat the leader. Diff. innovations and ideas experimented thorugh out the path will someday lead you to be the leader.The best thing for Balmer is to invest more in its search technology than ever and see if it works out instead of going for Yaho,  whose share is sure to deteriorate soon if not now.  Hire new researches , get people from academia, fund across universities to see if you can improve your search results by atleast 1%. If you invest what ever you want to do in academia instead of Yahoo, your market share is definitely going to increase Balmer! Stop throwing keyboards at ppl and use those keys to see the scary results your search engine gives !!


Anish Muppalaneni

Today I found an article on titled ‘Orissa seeks 1500 crores to tackle econimic crisis’. . I was at first puzzled – whatt? I quickly read through and foudn that, because of the economic slowdown in global and US economies, Orissa economy is facing massive challenges and to overcome that, they need money. The total revenues of Orissa state itself is 7500 crores, Of which 25% is from agriculture which has nothing to do with ‘ global meltdown’. As if US banks and US motor companies are dependent on Orissa and due to ecoomic presure, they are closing operations in Orissa and its state revenues fell down,  orissa govt. is asking money from center. There are no massive lay offs in India especially in Orissa which is facing the ” global meltdown heat” for no reason and there are even no signs that Orissa revenues will decline.  Even though world is in recession, not the needs of these political bastards and that should be the only justification for their cluless and baseless aid request. 


Anish Muppalaneni

I always know one fact for sure. The way their seniors are, same will be juniors. Few months back, our friends are talking about the current scenario in India and how they are afraid of moving back to the country. As usual, the topic boiled down the only thing that infected India causing severe damage – corruption. I questioned – Who TF is my senior Indian who started this practice? I googled now and then with several combinations like ‘corruptin start in India’ –  but no use. Today, I opened wiki to know the export to import ratio of India and found nothing about it. But found the answer to my other search -‘ Licence raj ‘ system in India. Under this system, any business has to undergo through 80 agencies to obtain licences from and its in the control of the state to either grant or deny the request. Coruption flourished out of this system. All the ppl in all the 80 depts have to be paid to get a licence. The government started with saying that, they want planned economy. what ever, the ppl in all the levels of govt got rich after this system and finally in 1991, under pressure from IMF threatining they wont give foreign aid to India, these political bastards fearing that they won’t get anything more from the ppl in bribes, relaxed the rules to a good extent and got the aid. 

By the way you know who the  ‘Father of Corruption’ that started this licence raj and ruled the early India with similar policies fostering all such practices as first prime minister of India from 1947- 1964 ? – Chacha .


Nehru and his daughter Indira Gandhi tour Disneyland, 1961

Nehru and his daughter Indira Gandhi tour Disneyland, 1961




Anish Muppalaneni